Today in RGJ

Today in maths we carried on learning about weight. We looked at how objects can trick us, as big objects are not always the heaviest ones. We compared a small bag of flour with a tall bag of pipecleaners. Many children were surprised to find out that their predictions were different to the reality.

Today as our team builder we asked each other what our favourite ice cream flavour was and we discovered that chocolate was the most popular.



The children have worked on a variety of exercises to practice their coordination. They have had lots of fun playing games!!


Weight in RGJ

Today we began learning about weight and how to differentiate between heavy and light things. We also carried on learning about space, this week we are using fact books to learn new information.

Our learning

What a fantastic week it has been and how wonderful to have our first round of parents from Group 1. Thank you for your enthusiasm and willingness to be part of the experience. It has been great talking with you all and hopefully it has been a positive experience for you guys as well. Please feel free to email any feedback to parents communication as we would love to hear any ways in which we can improve this practice which is a work in progress.

This week in maths we have looked at height and distance. As a class we have used different toy cars to talk about how far they had traveled and make predictions. It has been a really fun class as we had three cars travelling exactly the same distance and we were trying to find another one that would travel further. The children then enjoyed carrying out their own experimentation independently.

Today we also carried out some team building activities to get to know each other better and open up our circle of friendships.

The children also have carried out fantastic work in class throughout the day!

The pictures below are from the photo session that RGJ had on Wednesday. They were able to press the button to take a picture of themselves remotely. We will have the pictures with us soon in case you want to get them.

Forest School

Today we looked at plants that survive winter and why. Then we looked at plants that are already growing this spring like snowdrops and winter Jasmine.

We then went into our playground and forest school area to see what is growing.

After playtime we arranged our plants on a coloured paper in teams.

Lastly we pressed them between scrap paper to dry them out.

Tomorrow in RGJ

Really excited to have Group 1 parents joining us tomorrow. Please just join the line in the morning and then we will make our way into the classroom. Please let the children go in first and then you can come and join us for registration inside the classroom

Tomorrow’s group (Group 1):








In the afternoon the children will be part of a very exciting photo course in school!!! Really looking forward to a very exciting day. Can’t wait 🙂

Have your say on the future of Lambeth children’s centres

In addition to our two schools the Great North Wood Education Trust also manages three Lambeth children’s centres, providing a broad range of free activities and services for children under five and their families.

The government have reduced the amount of money that Lambeth can spend on children’s centres by £1.4 million and the council have put together a proposal detailing how they intend to make this saving whilst ensuring that children’s centre services are still accessible to families.

The current proposal includes reducing the number of core Lambeth children’s centres from 23 to 11, with 7 link centres (including Rosendale Children’s Centre) offering a more limited number of activities and 5 centres (including Cherry Tree Children’s Centre) no longer offering any children’s activities. There is no proposed change to the childcare services offered within our children’s centres. 

We know many of you have accessed services within Lambeth children’s centres and are encouraging all local families to take part in Lambeth’s consultation process. You can do this online here or by picking up a Consultation Booklet from Rosendale Children’s Centre’s reception, completing the form inside and dropping it into the box provided.

The consultation will close at midnight on Sunday 10th February 2019.

Thank you for your support.