RGJ has reeeeeally enjoyed playing Twister and sharing their toys with their friends. Miss Di and I wish you all a lovely half term whatever you get up to. See you all after the holidays.

We also have this blanket that was never claimed back 🙂


Toy Day Friday

As it’s the last day of term tomorrow, the children are welcome to bring a toy or game to share with their friends.

Next term, parents will be invited into classrooms again. Please check the date you are assigned to in the letter that will go home this afternoon.

Many thanks.

RGJ Easter Cards

Children in RGJ really enjoyed learning about making their very own Easter card to take home They worked really hard writing down their messages using their phonetic knowledge. Well done guys!

Easter Bonnets

RGJ have had a wonderful afternoon making their own Easter Bonnet and putting into practice all of their artistic skills. Some of them have also assembled the headband all on their own. Amazing!

This week in RGJ

It was really lovely to see you all yesterday and share the progress of every child and also share so many laughs and some tears of joy! It made the day so much easier and I think it made everyone very proud  🙂

Today the children have really enjoyed sunbathing outside the Wendy house and role playing jumping into swimming pools!

In the afternoon we everyone made a Mother’s Day card but unfortunately the paint was still quite wet and only a few made their way out SO SORRY! But they will be ready on Monday.

Some children started making their own Easter baskets to go on an egg hunt using the junk modelling.

This week in phonics we went over digraphs ur, or, er and oo. We revised daily all of the tricky words learnt so far and the children are getting really good at remembering them by sight. We have also been writing two sentences during phonics. One modeled by me and a second sentence in dependently.

This week in maths we have carried out subtraction using pictorial representations on pieces of paper to find out the answer. You will find some of the work they have carried out in class in their book bags.

I cannot not believe I am saying this, but we have ran out of junk modelling!!!! How did that happen?? So please, if you collect any bits this weekend (I know I can always count on a few egg cartons…) it would be most appreciated.

Have a great sunny and warm weekend and see you all on Monday for the last week before half term.