Dearest parents and carers,

Miss Di and myself want to say a really big THANK YOU for your lovely messages, hugs and all the many demonstrations of love that we have received today, but also throughout the year.

We have truly enjoyed working with every child in RGJ and we will keep many fond memories of all of them. Thank you for working with us to make every child flourish and have a wonderful year in reception.

I will miss every single one of them and you too 🙂 All the very best in Year 1 and come to say hello any time you want.!

Thank you for the generous gift, chocolates and bottle.! What a lovely way to finish the year!!!

Lots of love Miss Jaime and Miss D




Moon Landing Assembly

This afternoon EYFS and KS1 enjoyed a very exciting assembly lead by Mr Cranston to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the first landing on the moon. Some of our children volunteered to reenact the landing.

A wonderful day

RGJ have had a blast spending some time with their new teacher Mr Ellis!

As part of our last full week in school, the children have written down a piece of paper the topics that they would like to learn about. Today the topic that was picked up at random was ‘how does our heart work?’ The children looked for their veins on their body and many interesting questions were asked! For example ‘why does our blood not come out of our mouths if there is blood inside us?’

In their free-flow play they have played games with friends and played together beautifully, sharing and building together.

The Penultimate Week

This week RGJ will be thinking back on their year in Reception and writing about it in Phonics, discussing their queries and thoughts about Year One and learning about topics of their own choice in Topic time. We will also be recapping on sounds, tricky words, counting in twos and finding one more/one less from 1 – 20.

Please can you bring back your child’s book if it wasn’t in their book bag today once you are done reading them.

Thank you.

Please read – Sports Day on Friday

Friday 12th July is SPORTS DAY at Rosendale playing fields. The events for Reception and Nursery start at 10am.

Please bring the children into school at 9am wearing their usual Rosendale coloured t-shirt, shorts or leggings and suitable sports shoes. We will be sending PE kits home before Friday but we prefer it if the children are wearing their coloured Rosendale t-shirt rather than their white PE top.
RCR, RBH and RGJ will race together and RKG will join Nursery to compete.
The events will be finished by 11.30am and parents usually choose to take their children home or sit at the fields to enjoy lunch together. If you wish to take your child home with you, You must see your class teacher and sign your child out before taking your child with you. Your child will then get a green sticker to let everyone know that they are OK to leave.  Please make sure to carry out this step as we want to ensure that every child is counted for and is going with the correct grown up.
The children without parents there will be returning to school with school staff at 11.45 to eat lunch at school.
Parents unable to join us for sports day can collect their child from school anytime in the afternoon or at 3.25pm as usual.
If you have any questions please see me before Friday.
Thanks and see you there!


Today in RGJ everyone had a go at ‘estimating’ how many marbles they thought there were inside the jar. They wrote their names and the amount they thought of. Try doing the same at home with pencils or books on a shelf for example. Unfortunately nobody got close enough in their estimation, not even the adults!

In the afternoon they enjoyed making their own predictions about the objects that they thought would sink or float. Everyone was very impressed to see that bananas float despite being heavy! Then during independent learning they had a go at testing a a variety of objects of their choice.

Thursday Open Afternoon

On Thursday afternoon we are holding a parents open afternoon from 2.30pm. Our doors will be open for parents to join their child getting busy in the classroom from 2.30pm. Many of you will be very familiar with us getting busy by now but if you want a final opportunity to join us, we are requesting that you come at 2.30pm because we will be tidying up and getting ready for hometime at 3pm onwards. You are welcome to take your child home with you anytime from 2.30pm.

Many thanks